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Asia is a world unto itself, a world of tradition, culture and modern marvels. This storied continent is the birthplace of some of the first civilizations on Earth that have continued to weave a rich tapestry of history that spans across centuries. The most populous continent on the planet, Asia still remarkably has vast regions of unpopulated and unexplored land waiting to be discovered.

The countries that comprise this expansive region are some of the most fascinating and vibrant in the world, each with its own unique character. Explore bustling markets and a glistening nightlife in Bangkok or retreat to a white sand beach surrounded by towering limestone cliffs in Thailand. Watch the sun rise and bathe the ancient temples of Siem Reap in a wash of color and wonder at the artistry and skilled architectural methods of the Khmer empire in Cambodia's Angkor Wat. Tour the extensive underground tunnel network outside of Ho Chi Minh City or get lost in Hanoi's French colonial charm in Vietnam. Indulge in a spa retreat at one of Bali's exotic beachside or jungle resorts or surf the world's best left-hand break on a remote Indonesian island. Take an early morning tour of Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market or enjoy a traditional geisha dance before an afternoon tea ceremony in Kyoto. Cruise down the Singapore River with stops for satays and Singapore Slings or watch the dazzling light display of the Gardens by the Bay Supertrees.

Asia as a continent has weathered the 21st cenury and set the pace for technological advancements while still preserving and honoring their sacred traditions. This place of intrigue, adventure and spirituality has no shortage of cities to visit and foods to discover. Time spent here is brimming with action-packed adventures, restorative treatments and unforgettable experiences.

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