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Each of our exotic destinations has its own unique geography, history and personality. All are stunningly beautiful, and all have a charm of their own. Whether you are seeking an unforgettable honeymoon in the islands of Tahiti, a special romantic getaway in Fiji, a memorable family experience in Australia, an active adventure in New Zealand or a rejuvenating spa retreat in the Maldives, Tahiti Legends will help you live your own personal legend while also experiencing the very best of what these locales have to offer.


Tahiti is a world beyond all other island destinations. It’s a land of timeless beauty, azure lagoons, intoxicating aromas, pure, untouched beaches and ancient traditions. The legendary name “Tahiti” not only identifies the main island, but also describes the groups of islands that make up French Polynesia. These exotic locales...Read More

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Fiji is a world where white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees meet pristine oceans and fabulous coral gardens. A place where tranquil villages and boutique island resorts meld into a fascinating blend of cultures and experiences. Situated among the warm, tropical waters of the South Pacific, Fiji is home to 333...Read More

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Cook Islands

With clear, turquoise lagoons and lush tropical rain forests, the Cook Islands are a Polynesian jewel in an unspoiled paradise. A mix of coral atolls and volcanic islands, they are some of best kept secrets in the South Pacific. The islands are divided into two groups: the Northern Group and the Southern Group...Read More

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A lesser known destination in the South Pacific, the Republic of Vanuatu is probably one of the world’s greatest destinations for people in search of a genuine and memorable experience. A place known to be one of the most culturally diverse in the world, where only story-telling, legends, songs and dances showcase the rich and impressive history of this island country...Read More

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Australia’s biggest attraction is its diverse, natural beauty. Its scenic landscapes vary from endless blue horizons and dense tropical rainforests to miles and miles of deserted beaches. Scattered along the coast, the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth blend a European enthusiasm for art, theatre...Read More

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New Zealand

A visit to New Zealand is an experience like no other. There's a purity here that simply cannot be described, only felt. It is a land of surreal beauty and diversity; a place where two different cultures – the Polynesian Maori and British Colonial – flourish side by side. Nicknamed "Kiwis" after their native bird, New Zealanders...Read More

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The Maldives consists of a thousand pristine islets, painted on an infinite canvas of blue and turquoise. Their white sandy beaches, fringed with flourishing palm trees, serve as the perfect backdrop from which to relish in this intimate world of serenity. The Maldives are a geographical marvel. Two rows of idyllic atolls dot the Indian...Read More

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UAE and Oman

In this region, East meets West in an exciting array of contrasts. These destinations offer a unique world where the desert meets the sea and ultra-modern resorts coexist with old-world souks and remote, ancient villages. This interesting blend of traits gives both the United Arab Emirates and Oman an incredibly...Read More

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