Tahiti Legends is privileged to send its clients on unforgettable journeys to lands of extreme beauty. We are all guests of the islands and their local people, and their hospitality allows us to enjoy their environment. Tahiti Legends is grateful to the local communities in our destinations, and we feel it is our responsibility to contribute to the prosperity and preserve the beauty of these islands for later generations. Our goal at Tahiti Legends is to practice and promote responsible and sustainable tourism. This means doing our part in helping the local community develop positive growth and maintaining the integrity of the culture and environment.

The Tahiti Legends’ commitment includes the following actions:


Te Mana O Te Moana

Tahiti Legends is proud to support Te Mana O Te Moana, a non-profit organization based in French Polynesia. Te Mana O Te Moana implements programs for the protection and monitoring of French Polynesian marine species (cetaceans, turtles, fish, coral). In accordance with this mission, the association manages the Marine Turtles Clinic, which is set up on the premises of the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa. Te Mana O Te Moana promotes environmental awareness for the public, for local populations and especially for children, through school programs and communication material aimed at a better understanding of the local natural heritage and its fragile balance. Since 2008, Tahiti Legends has allocated funds to support the educational programs for thousands of Polynesian children by Te Mana O Te Moana.

Tahiti Legends Jeune Ambassador

Jeune Ambassadeur 

In 2011, Tahiti Legends initiated a new program with Te Mana O Te Moana - Jeune Ambassadeur (Young Ambassador). The program focuses on building talent within the local community. We offer an annual grant to provide a new beginning and career path for a young Polynesian from an underprivileged background with a limited education. The Jeune Ambassadeur is taught English, science, marine biology, public speaking, and computers.


Fiji is a paradise where smiling Fijians welcome visitors with genuine warmth into their country. As a developing nation, it is estimated that possibly one out of ten Fijians are homeless. We are proud to support alongside with our Fijian travel partners and Rotary International – the Koroipita Community Development Project. Koroipita is a model township project where tourism can help to provide a proper home and stable environment for displaced families. The town provides a new home, running water, sewerage, electricity, child education and a secure environment for families. In 2006, Tahiti Legends assisted in the Stage 1 development of Koroipita, and the project has been a major success. The next key phase of development, called K2, involves extending this model township by developing new homes to cater to the increasing numbers of displaced families.

Tahiti Legends_Koroipita_Project_Fiji

Tahiti Legends is proud to have donated a portion of every Fiji reservation to the Koroipita K2 Project, with the goal of building more homes in coming years. For clients who wish to participate actively in the physical building of the homes and to visit the community in person, please contact Tahiti Legends for further details.

In addition to these actions, Tahiti Legends commits itself to supporting organizations with positive impact on the environment and communities, no matter the destination.