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Our Vision | Our Values

In today’s world, when technology offers a plethora of advantages, it can also overwhelm us with information and be terribly impersonal. It is important to recognize that the human element is what makes a great organization.

Tens of thousands of Tahiti Legends clients have entrusted their travel plans to our dedicated group of passionate professionals and have counted on us to take care of every detail and provide an incomparable standard of excellence. We understand that vacation time is precious and that experiences with family and friends are to be treasured. Each member of our staff has firsthand knowledge of the destinations they service, and feel a personal responsibility that each client is fully satisfied.

We value the relationships we have built through the years with our supplier and travel agent partners. These travel industry professionals, some of whom appear in our website and brochure, are an integral part of our success and we are grateful for their support.

Tahiti Legends is the guarantee of a successful and memorable voyage. Our goal is to anticipate the requirements of sophisticated travelers, deliver unsurpassed levels of quality and service and exceed our clients' expectations.

Bon voyage,

Alain Bernard, CTC

THE LEGENDS DIFFERENCE | Experts to the South Pacific

Why Choose Tahiti Legends?

Tahiti Legends, created by a team of South Pacific professionals, is a company of experienced people dedicated to providing the standard of service and product worthy of these legendary destinations.

What makes Tahiti Legends so unique?

The people of Tahiti Legends and our passion for the South Pacific. We know the unique characteristics of the hotels, the destinations, and the sightseeing and activity opportunities because, over the years, we have personally tried them all.

Uncommon Service

We are committed to making your vacation just what you want it to be, from the moment you make the reservation until you return home. As part of our service commitment, Tahiti Legends employs customer representatives on-site to greet clients and provide assistance.

Uncompromising Quality

Our knowledge of the destinations and the products, along with our focus on customer service, add up to a guarantee of the highest quality vacation experience.

Superior Expertise

Your vacation is designed by people who know the destinations intimately and have researched them thoroughly; who understand the nuances that go into making a memorable vacation.

Personalized Vacations

Like these legendary destinations, no two travelers are alike. At Tahiti Legends, we believe the same should be true of vacations. We take a very personal approach to customized trip planning with devoted attention to detail. Whether you are planning an unforgettable honeymoon, a special romantic getaway or a memorable family experience, we will tailor an itinerary to best meet your needs.

Excellent Value

You benefit from the strong relationships we have built with suppliers. Developed over many years of doing business together, they are your guarantee of competitive prices and value.