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New Zealand | Land of Enchantment

A visit to New Zealand is an experience like no other. There's a purity here that simply cannot be described, only felt. It is a land of surreal beauty and diversity; a place where two different cultures - the Polynesian Maori and British Colonial - flourish side by side. Nicknamed "Kiwis" after their native bird, New Zealanders will capture your heart with their incredibly warm hospitality.

New Zealand boasts an unrivaled variety of landscapes. In a single trip, you will see more natural wonders in just one country than anywhere else in the world. Imagine snowcapped mountains, sandy beaches, lush rainforests, vast plains, picturesque hillsides, spectacular glaciers and active volcanoes with spouting geysers. These environments lend themselves to an array of activities including skiing, diving, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and sailing.

There are two main islands in New Zealand: North Island and South Island. Many of the country's outdoor splendors belong to the South Island, making it the adventure capital of the world. North Island is home to Rotorua - the volcanic heart of New Zealand - as well as the largest city of Auckland. With many galleries, museums, restaurants and theaters, Auckland serves as the sophisticated center of the region. Called the "City of Sails," it boasts three harbors and is surrounded by more than fifty islands. Visitors can take a ferry to these islands to unwind on their tropical beaches or even wander through the world's largest forest, Pohutukawa Forest.

With a wealth of activities, this relatively small country can fulfill any and all of your travel expectations. Whether planning a family vacation, a sporting adventure or a romantic getaway, we'll make sure your New Zealand experience is everything you imagined and more.

Legend | The Kiwi

One day, Tanemahuta, King of the Forest, noticed that his trees were being eaten by ground bugs. He called to his brother, Tanehokahoka, King of the Sky, and enlisted his help. Tanehokahoka gathered the birds together for a meeting and asked if any of them would give up their life in the sky to live in the forest and help save the trees. The only bird willing to make the sacrifice was the small Kiwi bird. He agreed to exchange his beautiful wings and colorful feathers for stronger legs so he could roam the ground for insects. Because of his ultimate sacrifice, the Kiwi became the most loved and well-known bird of all.

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