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Ahe is a breathtakingly beautiful and refreshingly laidback atoll in the Tuamotu that is a popular vacation spot for native Tahitians. This charming atoll enchants travelers with unspoilt nature, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and amazing underwater scenery. Visitors will be mesmerized by her beauty and the vivid colors as they descend into the atoll’s main airport.

Ahe is between Manihi and Rangiroa and is just 14.5 miles long and 7.8 miles wide. This quaint atoll is home to just over 500 inhabitants and has no road connecting the outer string of motu which makes the lagoon the lifeblood of this secluded destination.

The lagoon is teeming with tropical marine life and is dotted with shallow sandbanks, creating idyllic recreational conditions in this natural swimming pool. For such a small atoll, there are many activities to fill your days with. Visit one of the local pearl farms to see the grafting process and select a pearl of your own. Take a boat over to the Emerald Forest to experience an ancient Polynesian environment. Go deep sea fishing to catch your daily supper. Snorkel and dive through the lagoon’s main pass, Tiareroa Pass, for close encounters with a diverse array of sea creatures. Or simply lounge on the beach, enjoying the peaceful quiet and the marvelous views.

Ahe is the secluded Tahitian escape you have been dreaming of. A place where the hustle and bustle of reality is a distant memory. A place where time stands still and your appreciation for this beautiful setting is immeasurably deepened.

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