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ARANUI CRUISES | The Aranui 5 Freighter

Explore the most remote island group in French Polynesia aboard the Aranui 5. A working freighter that also operates as a cruise ship, it is the only one of its kind to sail to the enchanting Marquesas Islands.

An incredibly unique 14-day voyage, the Aranui 5 offers its passengers the rare opportunity to visit a selection of islands that have remained virtually untouched since the early days of exploration Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata and Ua Huka, as well as the Tuamotu Atolls of Fakarava and Rangiroa. At each stop, you'll uncover amazing untamed landscapes, intriguing historical sites and exhilarating surf landings. There's an array of excursions available, providing the perfect journey for adventure seekers. The ship is even equipped with special facilities for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Aranui 5 was designed specifically with comfort in mind. It features 103 spacious and fully air-conditioned cabins, including 32 large suites with balconies, and a large family-style dining room serving French and Polynesian cuisine in a casual atmosphere. On board, guests can also enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, massage room, library, two lounges and four bars all with full ocean views.

Serving as the lifeline for these remote islands, the vessel departs every three weeks and carries everything from baguettes and beer to cement and sugar to their inhabitants. This makes the Aranui 5 the perfect blend of an old island trader and a modern-day cruise ship, offering a very friendly atmosphere and an experienced staff and crew.

Guests of the Aranui 5 are fully immersed in Polynesian culture, both on deck and on land. Each cruise itinerary offers a full program of lectures on Marquesan history, culture and art from an array of guest speakers. It's the perfect way to discover the Marquesas Islands and the history and culture of its people.