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Taha'a | Vanilla Island

An incredibly seductive haven, Taha'a will instantly heighten and engage every single one of your senses. The most fragrant of the islands, its light, tropical breeze carries with it the sweet, irresistible scent of vanilla. Beyond the aroma, visitors are drawn to Taha'a by her beautiful beaches, intricate coral gardens and secluded appeal. Accessible only by boat from sister island Raiatea, this island paradise will leave you feeling as though you have escaped to a secret, hidden world.

Home to numerous plantations of vanilla orchids, Taha'a is the largest producer of Tahitian vanilla in the region. While adding its signature scent to the air, this abundance also makes Taha'a one of the most flavorful of the islands. Vanilla is proudly used as an ingredient in the island's local cuisine and specialty cocktails, creating a distinctive taste that will tempt you throughout your stay. And before you part ways, you can always visit the vanilla plantations and purchase vanilla beans or extract to take a taste of Taha’a home with you. We encourage you to create a special concoction of your own, reminiscent of your stay on the island.

The scenery on Taha'a is especially breathtaking. The island boasts an extensive tropical forest, thriving with a diversity of trees, flowers, fruits and colorful vegetation. These lush landscapes are ideal for hiking. Visitors can explore verdant mountain peaks and deep valleys, uncover historical remnants amidst dense vegetation, and discover banana and taro plantations along the way. Taha'a also lends herself to some amazing snorkeling. There are shallow coral gardens where swimmers can simply drift along the surface of the water, carried only by the natural current.

The mainland of Taha'a is surrounded by numerous tiny islets, which lay scattered across its vast lagoon. Most are small and uninhabited – providing the perfect setting for a private motu picnic – while the others feature some of Tahiti's most secluded and luxurious resorts. Wherever you choose to stay, you will find on Taha’a your very own idyllic piece of paradise.

Legend | Tane The Benefactor

In the beginning, there was nothing – no gods, no earth, no sky, no sea – until Papa, the Earth Mother, and Rangi, the Sky Father, embraced in the realm of night. From their union, seventy children were born, all male. Living in darkness, these children longed to see the light of day. All of them attempted to loosen their parents’ embrace, but only Tane was successful. After much pushing, heaving and swaying, his parents finally separated and the children experienced "Te Ao Marama" – the realm of being, light and life. These children became the gods of the Maori and Tane became the god of human creation.

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