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Tikehau | Pink Sand Island

Tikehau, one of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia, forms an almost unbroken circle, creating a unique ecosystem with the highest preponderance of fish. Here, you'll find a calm, peaceful landing where you can discover the true meaning of the Tuamotu way of life.

This tiny atoll is home to only 500 friendly locals who live a traditional Polynesian lifestyle either fishing or farming copra. The perfect destination to fully embrace a more relaxed state of mind, everything here moves at a much slower pace. It’s a place where the days are mostly measured by the cycles of the sun and moon and not by the hands of time.

From above, Tikehau resembles a large natural swimming pool. At 16 miles in diameter, its crystal clear lagoon is an immense aquarium full of colorful marine life. With visibility up to 150 feet, it serves as a haven for divers and snorkelers. It is also one of the best locales for bird watching. With a small motu in the middle of the lagoon known as “Bird Island,” many sea bird colonies take refuge here.

Tikehau is the perfect place to unwind and find an appreciation for the simple life. Imagine private, pink sand beaches, completely covered with beautiful coconut groves. So serene, your everyday stresses will melt away and evaporate into the warm, tropical atmosphere. The main islet of Tikehau is encircled by a 6-mile dirt road, providing a pathway for a scenic bike ride and inviting you to explore your surroundings until you've settled on your very own secret beach.

The true essence of what a tropical escape should be, Tikehau lures visitors with her simple yet stunning appeal.

Legend | Te Vanana - The Coming Light

Atea, the giver of light, brought forth Ono, the god of peace and fertility, in an effort to break up the boundless darkness of the underworld. They joined forces and declared war against Tanaoa, the lord of darkness, and Mutu-hei (silence), who together, had ruled the underworld for eternity. At the end of their struggle, once darkness had been defeated, Atanua, the dawn, was created. She and Atea were married and gave birth to Tu-Mea, the first man, which marked the beginning of humankind.

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