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“Tahiti Legends will handle everything with 100 percent perfection – together we create beautiful trips for our clients, which suit their budget but mainly fulfill their dreams."

Susanne Hamer & Katie Cadar, TravelStore Platinum

"Each traveler has their own vision of the vacation of their dreams. In selling Tahiti or the South Pacific, you have the perfect destination, you now just need to perfect the rest. The Legends difference is dedication, knowledge, professionalism. Your staff are dedicated to crafting that perfect personalized vacation for my clients, and also one can tell your agents love what they do!"

Paula Killion, The Travel Center (Tzell New England)

"Until I used your services I never realized how outstanding you are - Heads above the other Wholesalers!"

Lisa Hollo, Bob McGinnis Travel

"Tahiti Legends has made a difference by building trust and long term relationships with its partners in French Polynesia."

Richard Bailey, Pacific Beachcomber & Paul Gauguin Cruises

"A perfect honeymoon consists of making sure the couple experiences everything they dreamed their honeymoon would be. This usually starts in a romantic destination watching great sunsets, dining on great food, exploring private beaches and experiencing a new beginning together. Tahiti offers all of this and more."

Lisa Mazzillo, Power Travel International

"A perfect holiday to Fiji begins with Tahiti Legends who has good knowledge and can match the clients to the many small and unique island resorts. No matter the budget, having a bure on the side of the ocean, surrounded by the friendly Fijians who are from the local villages is the authentic Fiji experience."

Tony Whitton, Rosie Holidays

"Our mission is to support Tahiti Legends in their pursuit of providing an exceptionally high level of personal service to their discerning clients. Tahiti Legends travelling clients can always rely on our team to provide 24/7 post arrival care and assistance whilst they are travelling within New Zealand."

Peter Black & Anna Black, General Travel

"Tahiti Legends shares our same commitment to quality– we believe in providing services of an exceptional standard, a creative approach and attention to details in order to ensure lasting memories for our valued clients."

Peter Payet, Desert Adventures


"Tahiti Legends really did make our vacation great. They booked everything from start to finish, thought of every detail, and delivered it all in a well organized package. We would have been so lost without them- And they were so kind and patient along the way. It's been a year since our trip but I was so very very pleased with them I couldn't pass up the opportunity to leave a great review. They really were - flawless... I hope others have the same experience... I won't book in that region without them."

Brian M.

"Very helpful & accommodating! My wife and I happened to be on Bora Bora and were notified that the airport employees were going to be going on strike the day we were scheduled to leave (affecting inter-island flights only). Tahiti Legends called me and worked with the hotel manager to get me off the island that day, and booked a hotel on the main island right down the street from the international airport. This could have ended up being very inconvenient but they took care of everything for us. Great company to work with."

Michael M.

"Thanks again for all you did to arrange for the most wonderful vacation imaginable. It truly was the honeymoon I dreamed about. Everything went perfectly and we have raved to many of our friends about your kind service to us. Every detail was considered and each moment was perfectly timed. You are excellent at what you do!"

Ryan & Alex

"Great! The transfers, check ins, and everything else went very smoothly. The drivers were nice, friendly, and punctual. The cars and amount of people using the transfers appeared more comfortable than other ones I noticed. I would definitely use them again."

Ariana H.

"Each of the Legends tours were outstanding: Each guide was very friendly and knew so much about the tour. They were always on time and included everything on the tour and even more time and information than was expected."

Jerry M.

"I was lucky enough to have 4 travel experiences with Tahiti Legends - French Polynesia twice, Fiji, Cook Islands - and they were all excellent. Lisa Corso took care of me and perfectly tailored my vacations to my needs. I would recommend Tahiti legends to everybody. They are specialized in the pacific islands and they really know what they are doing. Kindness, experienced service, attention to customer needs, ready to help in any circumstance."

Paola D.

"Very knowledgeable of Tahiti. It was a great experience planning a trip through Tahiti Legends. The agent was very familiar with Tahiti and had travelled there many times. They set us up with Marama Tours and they met us and looked for us at every location as we went from Tahiti to Moorea to Rangiroa. I would give them high marks for a quick, efficient and classy experience."

Suzanne A.

"Our trip to Tahiti was something I wanted to give my wife for many years. The trip turned out to be better than ever expected thanks to Tahiti Legends and their accomplished Staff. Our agent, Camille, worked with me from start to finish, bookings, excursions, money conversion. She gave me EXCEPTIONAL advice on everything from shopping to tipping. From the time we locked our door left Pennsylvania until returning unlocking and opening the door our trip was a pleasure."

Roger B.