UAE, Oman & Dubai

UAE & Oman | Arabian Charm

In this region, East meets West in an exciting array of contrasts. These destinations offer a unique world where the desert meets the sea and ultra-modern resorts coexist with old-world souks and remote, ancient villages. This interesting blend of traits gives both the United Arab Emirates and Oman an incredibly distinctive flair, presenting visitors with the highest international standards of luxury combined with the rich customs of Arabian culture.

With a tradition of hospitality, these destinations invite their visitors to delve into the region's storied past and discover its ancient heritage. Explore numerous archaeological sites and historical monuments and find an appreciation for a history that dates back thousands of years. Experience their traditional markets known as souks, selling everything from souvenirs and gifts to authentic regional crafts, fabrics and gold jewelry.

The perfect juxtaposition, you'll also discover some of the world's fastest growing leisure destinations. Their urban, fashionable cities are complete with luxurious hotels, world-class spas and designer golf courses. They offer an exciting nightlife scene and a wealth of shopping experiences that are second to none. Within the UAE lies the glorious city of Dubai, which is a unique mix of modern sophistication, opulent luxury and enchanting history. From a humble fishing village to a modern, bustling metropolis in just over three decades, Dubai has burst onto the global scene as perhaps one of the world's most remarkable cities. 

More than a mirage, you'll find a world where the legends and stories of the Arabian Desert come to life right before your eyes. And beyond their golden sands, these destinations serve as their own oasis of modern luxury and decadence.  

LEGEND | 1,001 Nights

Sinbad the sailor tells the story of how he grew restless with his life of leisure and set to the sea again: “When I had been a while on shore; and when, in my comfort and pleasures and merry-makings and in my rejoicing over my large gains and profits... the carnal man was again seized with the longing to travel and to see foreign countries and islands.” On his second voyage, Sinbad discovers a land of peril and riches, where the valleys are carpeted with diamonds but also covered in snakes, and birds pose a grave danger. Sinbad is captured and carried away to the nest of a giant bird, where he collects a large treasure and manages to escape to a nearby merchant ship. Seeing many marvels along the way, he returns home with his fortune.