Efate, the third largest island in Vanuatu, is the principal tourist destination. Gathering all the best attributes that Vanuatu possesses, this central island buzzes with activities- tourist, commercial, industrial, and educational.

Port-Vila is Vanuatu’s bustling little capital. Also known as the gastronomic capital of the South Pacific, visitors can enjoy a wide of choice of Pacific, European and Asian restaurants. Benefiting from a rich melting pot of different cultures, this city holds many cultural attractions such as museums, gastronomy, traditional dancing, and markets. Port-Vila is also a shopping paradise, where visitors can walk along Lini Highway, the place to shop in the city and take advantage of the interesting price since Vanuatu is one of the last ‘real’ « duty-free » strongholds in the Pacific.

With verdant rainforest where flow hidden rivers and cascades on the Centre, rugged coastlines and beautiful sandy beaches sheltered by the barrier reef on the coastal area; Eatafe is an attractive place for all types of travelers  from romantics and honeymooners to adventurers and families. Activities include hiking through the dense rainforest, abseiling cascades, diving, kayaking, fishing, sailing and many others.

A trip to Efate is never complete without going to Kakula Island and Nguna Island on the North. Kakula features a finest white sandy beach and crystal clear waters, making this place ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Nguna is more famous for its interesting walks until the top of the 2 extinct volcanoes. 

LEGEND | description

The legend of Roi Mata speaks of a mighty Chief who brought peace to Efate and its surrounding islands after years of clan fighting and warfare. Jealous of his status, the Chief's brother shot him with a poison dart. Chief Roi Mata succumbed to the poison within Fels Cave on Lelepa Island. He was then interred on Eretoka. Many still-living men and women were buried alongside him. This oral history was passed down over 400 years until a French archaeologist confirmed the tale by excavating the burial site and found some 40 skeletons adorned with jewellery denoting high rank.