Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo

Undoubtedly the most attractive island in Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo (otherwise known as just “Santo”) is a remarkable place to try a wonderful range of activities. With diversified landscapes, ranging from steep mountains and volcanoes on the west to abundant jungles on the south and east, Espiritu is also known as the capital of adventure.

Considered to be one of the most popular diving spot, Espiritu lets you the opportunity to dive and discover the magnificent wreck of USS President Coolidge where the Americans dumped excess WW2 equipment. Explore the remote parts of the island by hiking through the thick vegetation of the jungle and stay in local villages for a truly cultural experience. Or ride a horse along creeks and sand beaches.

You can also choose to unwind and enjoy the warm waters of the lagoon. Go to the beautiful white sandy beaches of Champagne Beach, one of the best in South Pacific. Or take a journey to visit secluded islands by cruise and admire the stunning sunset from the deck of the boat. You can also choose to rent a car or a scooter to discover this 1,527 square-meter island, the largest of Vanuatu. Do not hesitate to stop at Port Orly, the northern most villages on the east coast, known for its verdant green hills, superb white sand beaches and amazing snorkeling.

Espiritu is easily accessible thanks to the international airport just next to the second main city of Vanuatu, Luganville. Vanuatu’s northern capital has a wide main street that sprawls along several kilometers of waterfront with interesting views at every corner, two main parks and dozens of dusty shops.

LEGEND | description

Qat, the Great Spirit who made everything, and his twelve brothers were invited to spend the night in the house of a giant named Qasavara. The giant intended to kill them while they slept and eat them, but Qat opened a crack in one of the beams of the house and the brothers hid inside the beam. In the end, Qasavara became so frustrated that one morning he chased Qat and his brothers up a casuarina tree. Qat caused the tree to grow so long that when it bent over, the tip touched a neighbouring island. The brothers jumped off and the tree, released from the extra weight, sprang back, throwing Qasavara high into the sky. When Qasavara struck the ground, he died and was transformed into a stone. This stone still existed in recent times: those who desired success and strength in battle would make sacrifices upon it.