Vanuatu Islands

A lesser known destination in the South Pacific, the Republic of Vanuatu is probably one of the world’s greatest destinations for people in search of a genuine and memorable experience. A place known to be one of the most culturally diverse in the world, where only story-telling, legends, songs and dances showcase the rich and impressive history of this island country.

Vanuatu is situated 1180 miles east of Australia, 500 miles west of Fiji, and 310 miles north-east of New-Caledonia. Located among the warm, tropical waters of the South Pacific, Vanuatu is composed by an archipelago of 83 islands inhabited by intact tribal communities, luxury resorts, tropical rain forests, volcanoes and pristine lagoon.

Most visitors will be surprised by the large choice of things to do or to see in Vanuatu. With an unparalleled diversity of activities, Vanuatu is ideal for people looking for relaxation and activity alike. For relaxation, visitors can laze on the pristine beaches and enjoy the warm waters of the blue lagoon. For more adventurous visitors, they can explore the wealth of Vanuatu in many different ways - by snorkeling or diving to see the abundant underwater marine life and the shipwrecked ships, by kayaking, caving, horseback riding, hiking, surfing, and exploring the many caves and waterfalls. A must for all visitors is a tour to Mt. Yasur on Tanna Island, Vanuatu’s most famous and easily accessible active volcano. Vanuatu lies squarely on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire and has nine active volcanoes, seven on land and two beneath the sea.

During your stay, meet local people in their welcoming villages or in the resorts and let you take away by their ritual celebrations and mythic legends. Immerse yourself in their culture for an unforgettable experience that carries you in another world. Vanuatu can be explored on its own, or easily in combination with the Fiji Islands.


Efate, the third largest island in Vanuatu, is the principal tourist destination. Gathering all the best attributes that Vanuatu possesses, this central island buzzes with activities- tourist, commercial, industrial, and educational. Port-Vila is Vanuatu’s bustling little capital. Also known as the gastronomic...Read More

Esperitu Santo

Undoubtedly the most attractive island in Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo (otherwise known as just “Santo”) is a remarkable place to try a wonderful range of activities. With diversified landscapes, ranging from steep mountains and volcanoes on the west to abundant jungles on the south and east, Espiritu is also known as the capital of adventure. Considered to be one of the most popular diving spot, Espiritu...Read More


Tanna is one of the most Southern islands of the Vanuatu archipelago. This Island is populated almost entirely by Melanesians who follow a more traditional lifestyle than many other islands, making this place ideal for discovering local culture and traditions from the earliest times. This small land houses one of the most famous attractions of Vanuatu – Mount Yasur – which...Read More